GAVIP Overview

GAVIP is a platform allowing communities to interact with, and analyse the Gaia data archive. The GAVIP portal provides the first point of entry for all users, and handles the authentication and authorization within the platform. When using the platform, users will interact with the Gaia archive using isolated Jupyter notebooks, or through using user-contributed AVIs. These components are described in more detail below. Visit the AVI Development section for details on how to build and contribute your own AVIs.


The GAVIP portal provides a web interface to users, allowing them to interact with the platform. It is built on a rich REST API, with documentation hosted within the portal itself. Users of the portal are assigned groups roles for different levels of access; typically users are given the scientist role. Operator, outreach, and developer roles are assigned to users for platform administration, education, and AVI development respectively. Use of the portal is described in the Portal section.

Jupyter notebooks

Although the platform is developed around the submission and reuse of codes through AVIs, the use of Jupyter notebooks is supported and encouraged. When you request a Jupyter notebook in GAVIP, it is started in an isolated container which only your may access. The libraries and utilities available to AVIs are made available within the notebook to assist in interfacing with Gaia data and GAVIP. See section Jupyter Notebooks for more detail on running Jupyter notebooks within GAVIP.

AVI (Added Value Interface)

AVIs are configurable reusable tools developed and submitted by GAVIP users. They are designed to include a user-interface and one or more analysis pipelines. The interface of the AVI allows the user to configure the analysis pipelines, view results, and view job status. There will be a number of AVIs available within the platform when it is fully deployed. Example AVIs are available online on Github as a starting point for AVI developers. See section Avi Usage for additional information about AVIs and section AVI Development for the AVI development guide.