Platform Administration

Operators within the GAVIP platform have control over all models and tasks and can perform day-to-day platform maintenance such as managing deployed containers, and changing account privileges.

When an operator logs into the platform they are given access to all platform views (accessed by clicking the associated button in the GAVIP navigation bar).

The operator view is shown below.


There are 3 buttons shown on the GAVIP sidebar:

  1. GAVIP Overview
  3. Django Admin

These are described briefly below:

GAVIP Overview

Provides an overview of GAVIP statistics to help inform the operator of the current status of the platform.

The statistics are retrieved and shown when the operator opens the view for the first time, and when the operator clicks the Reload overview details button.


The GAVIP API is a collection of views used to provide programmatic access to the platform. The web interface uses information provided by these views to populate its data (such as active AVIs).

Operators can use this API directly through this view (shown below), and manage all GAVIP models such as containers, jobs, accounts, and AVIs.


Django Admin

Finally the operator can also use the default admin interface provided by Django to perform additional administration on the platform, including managing periodic tasks (e.g. changing the interval on when the user-space usage for each user is calculated).